4 Thrilling Facts About Uganda You Should Know Before You Visit

4 Thrilling Facts About Uganda You Should Know Before You Visit

Travelling to Uganda

4 Thrilling Facts About Uganda You Should Know Before You Visit

Travelling to Uganda will be an experience of a lifetime. You will create wonderful memories with your family amidst the beautiful landscapes, incredible wildlife, rich culture and energetic people. The country is well-known for its exclusive mountain gorilla trekking, but there is so much more to explore in this East African country. Let’s take a look at some fun facts about Uganda before you plan your next visit.

Communication Is Easy Despite Uganda Being a Multilingual Country

In Uganda, every tribe has their own language, accounting for over 40 languages. However, the majority of the population, especially in cities and tourist areas, speak English, so it’s relatively easy for explorers to navigate the country. If you travel off the road, through the rural areas, you wouldn’t have much problem communicating even though the people there might not speak English well. Ugandan people are generally friendly and helpful, so you will be able to find your way easily.

Accessible Travel Options Are Available Throughout the Country

Did you know that you can easily book a taxi online, even in Uganda? The most common online taxi service for tourists is Uber, but another well-known service is Bolt. If you want to travel anywhere in the cities, you can book your taxi on Bolt. Moreover, if you want food, groceries or medicines delivered to your stay, you can try the Glovo app.

You Can Spend Time with Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla trekking is a unique tourist activity in Uganda, where you get to observe gorillas in the rainforests of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. You will have to trek for hours, accompanied by an experienced park ranger, to find a family of gorillas. Trekkers can spend around an hour in their presence. It is truly a sight to behold to witness the magnificent creatures in their natural habitats.

You Get to Witness the Largest Mammals Here

Another fascinating wildlife species you will find in Uganda is the African elephant. They are known to be the largest land mammals and, on average, can weigh around 6,000 to 11,000 pounds. Furthermore, they live for over 60 to 70 years. Their trunks can carry up to eight litres of water, and their skin is at least 2.5 cm thick. Another fun fact about elephants is that their calves can stand up within 20 minutes of birth and walk within an hour.

Now that you have learnt these interesting facts about Uganda, plan your holiday with Bushman Safari. Create beautiful memories with your family and friends. Customize tours according to your convenience, with gorilla and chimpanzee treks, boat tours and game drives. Book your vacation today.

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