5 Must-Try Ugandan Dishes

5 Must-Try Ugandan Dishes

Ugandan Dishes

5 Must-Try Ugandan Dishes

Uganda is well known for its fun game drives and other exciting activities. But the country has more to offer, like its fascinating cuisine. If you want to expand your taste palate and try out some new dishes, Uganda is the right place to begin. Let’s look at the five food items you must try when visiting Uganda. 


Did you know that Matooke is the national food in Uganda? The country’s staple crop, the plantain banana, is wrapped and cooked in its leaves. It can be boiled or mashed and served with or without meat. However, it is popularly served along with the beef stew. The sauce is typically made by frying a mixture of beans, cumin, ginger, garlic, chopped tomatoes and onions.

Ugandan Rolex

Rolex is one of Uganda’s most well-known, tastiest and cheapest street foods. The dish derives its name from the preparation method, as the flatbread and omelet are rolled together – “rolled eggs,” which sounds similar to “rolex.” Furthermore, it is a popular snack among college students being a tasty and affordable meal option.

Ugandan Curried Cabbage

The Ugandan curried cabbage is a simple dish that can be relished on its own or served as a side dish. It is usually made by steaming shredded cabbage with sauteed carrots, green peppers, onions, ginger, garlic and curry powder or turmeric powder.


This lunchtime dish is generally enjoyed on Ugandan Independence Day, i.e., the 09th of October. Chickennat is prepared by chicken and onion stew thickened with egg yolks and peanut butter and finally cooked in chicken stock broth.


This traditional Ugandan dish is frequently made on special occasions. It is believed to be created in the Buganda Kingdom during the late 19th century. It is prepared by steaming stew of your preferred meat – beef, chicken, fish, mushrooms, mutton or pork – in banana leaves. Cinnamon and ginger are added to the meat and boiled. When it’s tender, the water is drained and pasta is added along with various other spices to your liking. The meat is then wrapped in smoked banana leaves and placed in foil to be baked for about 30 minutes.


This dish is made with smoked bamboo shoots. It is generally mixed with groundnut sauce and salt to enhance its flavour. Malewa is popularly known for its several benefits, as it is high in phenolic acid, which protects against heart complications. The bamboo shoots can also be juiced to treat ulcers. Moreover, as they are high in fibre, it helps with digestion.

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