5 Tourist Attractions at Murchison Falls National Park

5 Tourist Attractions at Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls

5 Tourist Attractions at Murchison Falls National Park

The naturally beautiful Uganda is bestowed with a certain allure that has you holding your breath. With each place that you visit, you discover something unique and so incredible that compels you to whip your camera out and take all of it in. One such place is the Murchison Falls National Park. Its heavenly forests and nature trails with magnificent wildlife make Murchison National Forest one of the most visited places in Uganda. If you’re setting your trails here for the very first time, here are some of the attractions that you can feast your eyes upon.

Murchison Falls

Definitely, the primary attraction of this landmark would be the glorious Murchison Falls. Tumbling down from the narrow ridges of rocks, this extension of Nile River crowns the surrounding region of the Murchison Falls National Forest as it cascades down some 140 feet, landing into a water body also known as ‘The Devil’s Cauldron’ and then, subsequently merges with the serene Lake Albert. Its captivating scenery and luscious greenery make your visit worthwhile. Usually, tourists tend to book their accommodations in the vicinity to hear the fierce roars of this waterfall.

The Nile River

You cannot visit Murchison Falls National Park without exploring the greatest of rivers – the Nile. Tourists usually start with visiting Jinja town, which prides itself on its source of the longest river in the world. While visiting the Nile, you will chance upon straying hippos and numerous crocodiles along the banks. Moreover, with feathery stances, you will get the luxury of watching some of the most exotic species of birds and animals quenching their thirst in this river. Not to mention, the picturesque visions and tranquil surroundings will take you to a whole different experience of serenity.

Budongo Forest

A thick blanket of forests rests in the southwestern part of Murchison Falls Conservation Area, which extends over the Kaniyo Pabidi Forest, quite popular for its chimpanzee tracking escapades. Budongo Forest boasts an abundance of over 360 bird species, including the African dwarf kingfisher, blue-breasted kingfisher, crowned guinea fowl, gray-headed sunbird, Ituri batis, and olive-breasted greenbul, among others, with over 24 mammal species and 465 plant species. Busingiro Ecotourism on the Masindi-Bugungu route marks the beginning of the shaded walks where you can revel in nature like never before.

Buligi Game Area

This lies in the heart of Murchison’s wilderness. Up your game viewing safari standard along with thrilling adventures in the Buligi Game Area, where you are rewarded with incredible sites of the savannah grasslands along with the marvellous views of the Democratic Republic of Congo from the beauteous East African rift valley, sitting atop Lake Albert. A safari guide will help you traverse through the area while you can choose a suitable morning or late afternoon game drive that you desire.


Close to the banks of River Nile, Paraa lands its name as ‘Home of Hippos’ in the native language with its vast collection of hippos prevailing in this region. At Paraa, you can indulge in exciting game drives, enjoy a panorama of the national park from the hot air balloon, have cultural explorations, bird discoveries, fishing and launch boat trips.

This has been just a superficial glimpse of what lies in this splendid region, but you can do more than just dip your toes in it. Visit the Murchison Falls National Park and the best of Uganda with Bushman Safari. We are happy to provide you with our special customized packages that overlook your tour needs and make your visit worthwhile.

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