4 Things Tourists Are Sure to Find When Visiting Uganda

4 Things Tourists Are Sure to Find When Visiting Uganda

Visiting Uganda

4 Things Tourists Are Sure to Find When Visiting Uganda

With tourism picking up again in a lot of countries all over the world, you’re almost guaranteed wonderful experiences. However, when it comes to smaller places like Uganda, most people are hesitant because they never know what to expect. Some allow their curiosity to take the reins, while uncertainty may make some skeptical of going.

However, Uganda has much to offer for even just a three-day trip. Many tourists may miss out on quite a lot of opportunities if they don’t do the research beforehand. The pearl of Africa is just full of different experiences that can make for great memories.

Here are four things that you are sure to find in Uganda:

1) Gorilla Tour Galore

One of the things every tourist can find in Uganda is the gorilla tours. This experience can’t be replicated in any other part of the world, considering that mountain gorillas are endangered.

Uganda allows tourists to trek their national parks and catch sight of the gorillas. It’s most pleasant when the sun is out and the warm summer breeze is in the air. Just remember that there are rules regarding the interactions and distance to help the gorillas feel more comfortable.

2) An Abundance of Sceneries

Uganda feels like no other when it comes to scenery. There are many lakes in other countries, but the lakes framed by the Rwenzori mountain ranges topped with ice can strike awe into anyone.

Everywhere you look feels like a sight to behold as plenty of the country’s nature remains untouched. Flowers and plants seen nowhere else are also abundant in Uganda, giving life to the uniqueness of Uganda.

3) Great People to Mingle With

You can find and meet all types of people in Uganda, but one thing you might notice about Ugandans is that they are pleasant and welcoming. Locals are always happy to see new faces around and love to chat about whether they’ve been to the top landmarks.

Plus, it’s almost stress-free to find a booking and ask for what you need. People are always ready to help in Uganda, and you won’t even have to worry about not being understood since a huge majority of Ugandans can speak English.

4) Peace and Quiet

Some people go on vacation to go on an adventure and find a little bit of solace from the hustle and bustle in a city. Uganda can provide this ambiance, and you might just feel at peace there.

Plus, a big perk is that people don’t have to worry about crowds. Uganda can seem like a hidden treasure at the moment, with only very few visiting at a time—even before the pandemic. If you want a secret paradise filled with nature, Uganda is the place to go.


Any traveller and nature lover should add Uganda to their travel list just because of how unique the trip can be. If you want to soak in the whole experience, stick around for at least a week to get the best of everything.

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