3 Unforgettable Activities for Your Uganda Trip

3 Unforgettable Activities for Your Uganda Trip

Uganda Trip

3 Unforgettable Activities for Your Uganda Trip

After being stuck in months of lockdown and quarantine, your senses are likely tingling with adventure and anticipation. A simple stroll around the city just isn’t cutting it anymore, and you want to experience more of what nature has to offer. One of the most exciting activities remains to be safari adventures, which allows you to enjoy nature at its extreme and best. And what better way to enter the scene than through Uganda?

Although relatively small, Uganda is an adventure waiting to happen—a place that will likely tick everything off your bucket list. Known as the Pearl of Africa, this country is highly loved due to its vibrant and scenic views, unparalleled culture, and of course, the world’s most fascinating (and endangered) species.

It also offers you beautiful weather, one that allows you to enjoy an adventure of a lifetime. Thankfully, most activities are known to be family-friendly, making the experiences even more fun and exciting. To help you build the voyage of your dreams, we’ve gathered these fun activities you can incorporate into your future Uganda itinerary

Activity #1: Gorilla Trekking and Tour

Uganda is home to the world’s largest gorilla population, which is over half of all gorillas in Africa. Thankfully, the country also offers the chance to go Gorilla Trekking, which is accessible only in three countries—Uganda included. The activity can be done in the Mgahinga National Park, as well as the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It’s one of the biggest and most exciting activities to do, especially since you’ll have the chance to meet gorillas in their natural habitat.

Activity #2: Walking along the Equator

Apart from being a home to half of Africa’s gorilla population, Uganda also lies in the equator—at the very heart of the earth. The line will be invisible, of course, but the equator is what divides the earth into two halves. You’ll have the time of your life taking endless photos at cement circle landmarks, which will be present in the following areas:

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Kayabwe
  • Entebbe
  • Mpigi District

Activity #3: Seeing Ssese Islands

What’s an exhilarating trip to nature without basking in the sun? If you wish to experience hidden island getaways, Ssese Island is the perfect place. It’s deemed as the world’s hidden gem, especially considering the travel methods involved—an airplane, a ferry, and even a boat. You’re in for a long ride, but it will be well worth it. The scenic hikes, fishing opportunities, and horseback riding activities along the sandy beaches are unforgettable.

The Bottom Line

Africa is a huge continent, home to countless experiences you need to be open to. Apart from safaris and dry land, Africa also offers Uganda—a country that’s often overlooked, but one that offers the world’s best experiences. The Pearl of Africa has so much more to offer, but the activities listed above should be enough to make your dream adventure come true—especially after a year of being on lockdown. The only thing left to do now is to plan!

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