Is Uganda a Safe Place To Visit?

Is Uganda a Safe Place To Visit?

Uganda Safe Place

Is Uganda a Safe Place To Visit?

Is Uganda safe is a question many tourists would ask when planning to visit the country. It is quite safe for tourists who travel with the help of reputable tour guides and operators. Tourists who take precautions by avoiding falling victims to petty crimes and tourist scams will have a wonderful time here. In fact, Uganda is considered to be the friendliest country in Africa, where tourism is welcomed.

Travelling to Uganda is a beautiful experience with its stunning wilderness regions that are home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas. Following safety measures and your guide’s instructions are bound to make your trip to Uganda memorable.

Is Uganda Safe To Travel?

Violent crime has become very rare with time in the upmarket areas in major cities and towns of Uganda. There has been a significant reduction in the crime rate with increased policing. But, tourists should always follow the usual precautions to keep themselves safe at all times by avoiding becoming victims of tourist scams and crimes. Whether you are travelling to Uganda or any other country, always make sure that you only use reliable travel companies, take care of yourself and avoid any crime or theft traps. Make sure you know the basic rules and laws. In case of any emergency make note that Uganda’s national emergency, police number is 999.

Some Safe Transport Options In Uganda

One of the biggest concerns when travelling around Uganda is its traffic rules. But, if you’re travelling in the care of a tour operator, you do not have to worry about it as the drivers make your safety their priority and abide by the traffic laws. If you are travelling solo, make sure you choose the appropriate mode of transport. Make sure you never travel alone at night in Uganda. This guide will help you with travel options in Uganda.

By Air

Fly Uganda and Aerolink are airline service companies offering domestic flights to some amazing tourist locations in Uganda.

By Road

Taxis and public buses are not quite safe for tourists. But, Post Bus is a safer, comfortable and reliable option when compared to the regular buses. Shuttle buses are a good alternative too as reputable transport companies operate them.

Wemtec Car Hire

Wemtec is a car rental company that services throughout Uganda. You can even hire a Land Rover with them!

Safe Boda

Safe Boda motorcycles service can be booked and paid through an app similar to Uber.

Which Areas To Avoid In Uganda?

Karamoja region and Uganda Border with South Sudan are the no-go areas in Uganda because of the threats of bandit activities, armed clashes, and violent crimes.

Some Safety Tips For Travelers

– Book a Reputable Tour Operator

For gorilla trek safaris and transports make sure you book a reputable tour operator. They will always assist and keep you safe and are alert to the potential risks.

– Be Vigilante

Be cautious when you are walking around the large cities and towns of Uganda. Bag snatching, pickpocketing, and theft of electronics, especially phones, are quite common in these crowded areas. So, do not flash your valuables in public areas and keep them safe in a locker in your hotel or home.

– Say No To Drugs

The use, possession, and trafficking of drugs are illegal in Uganda. Offenders are heavily fined and can also be jailed. Avoid carrying a package from any unknown sources, as you will risk being used as a drug mule.

– Do Not Photograph Everything

It is prohibited to take photographs of government buildings, military, and border crossing points in the country. Of course, you can always ask your tour guide to know more about these rules.

– Do Not Drink And Drive

Drinking and driving are prohibited and illegal in Uganda. It is a punishable act with a heavy fine and a possible jail term. Whether you are traveling with your friends, family, or alone, it is never advisable to drink and drive.

Before travelling to Uganda, make sure to do thorough research about the dos and don’ts. Uganda is definitely a place worth visiting for some breathtaking mountains and lake views. Also, because it is home to a variety of mammals, primates, and wildlife. Get in touch with Bushman Safari, to experience a holiday like never before.

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