The Unique Traits of the Majestic Gorillas in Uganda

The Unique Traits of the Majestic Gorillas in Uganda


The Unique Traits of the Majestic Gorillas in Uganda

Uganda truly has spectacular scenery. With breathtaking landscapes, beautiful mountains, and cultural diversity, exploring Uganda is simply one of the best things you can do on a vacation. If you’re looking to book a safari trip, consider the famous gorilla tours in Uganda. Not only can you hike through the Mountains of the Moon, but you can spot these majestic and beautiful animals right in their habitat.

There is no better way to learn about gorillas than through trekking. But while you haven’t booked your gorilla trek in Uganda just yet, let’s break down the types of gorillas you might see in the wild.

1) The Eastern Gorilla

Eastern gorillas are the largest living primate in the world. Though Eastern gorillas are the same species as Western gorillas, they are genetically distant from one another. There are actually two types of Eastern gorillas that you must know: the mountain gorilla and the Eastern lowland gorilla or also known as Grauer’s gorilla.

2) The Cross River Gorilla

Sadly, with only 200–300 left, this is Africa’s most endangered great ape. Cross River Gorillas live in the mountainous border area between Nigeria and Cameroon at the top of the Cross River for which they are named. The Cross River Gorillas were widely hunted in the past, making sightings very rare today.

As their genetic diversity has gotten low, that has left their population vulnerable to inbreeding. The reproduction of these certain species has gotten difficult.

3) The Mountain Gorillas

With merely a thousand Mountain Gorillas remaining, the other half live in the forests of the Virunga mountains in Central Africa. Eastern Gorillas are considered a subspecies of Mountain Gorillas. While these gorillas have longer hair and shorter arms, they have a more muscular chest than their lowland cousins. They weigh about 300 to 485 pounds. As of today, Mountain Gorillas are the most beloved wild animals in Uganda.

4) The Western Gorillas Species

Of all four gorilla subspecies, Western Gorillas are the smallest. They have longer arms, shorter black-brown hair, and a florid ridge along their brow. Like most gorillas, they are also endangered and facing habitat loss. The Western Gorillas are four to six feet in height and weigh about 150–400 pounds.

5) The Eastern Lowland Gorilla

Also known as Grauer’s gorillas, they have enormously large hands, short muzzles, and a stocky body weighing up to 440 pounds. Despite its size, Eastern Lowland Gorillas survive by consuming only fruit and other plants.

The Bottom Line

You can visit and experience the beauty of a safari in Uganda. With many places to go, you will never regret putting it on your bucket list. If you haven’t gotten the chance to go on a gorilla tour, now is the time. After that, you can explore the other beautiful regions of Uganda. It’s a beautiful paradise that has preserved some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife. So the next time you’re planning a trip and can’t decide where to go, consider Uganda!

If you want to book a Ugandan gorilla safari, contact us at Bushman Safaris. We can help you plan your Ugandan itinerary around seeing these majestic animals in the wild.

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