5 Reasons to Visit Tarangire National Park

5 Reasons to Visit Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

5 Reasons to Visit Tarangire National Park

A visit to Africa is wasted if you do not spend time exploring nature and wildlife. Plenty of places across the continent offer incredible African safaris, but if you’re specifically visiting Tanzania, the Tarangire National Park must be on your checklist. This park derives its name from the Tarangire River that crosses the park and serves as the biggest freshwater source for the animals there. Naturally, you get to see various species of animals here, making it one of the best places to visit in Tanzania. Here are some more reasons you must add Tarangire National Park to your bucket list:

Walk Through a Beautiful Landscape

The Tarangire National Park is known for its ancient baobab trees that add a majestic background to your holiday pictures. Additionally, you will find the Acacia woodland, Combretum woodland, seasonally flooded grasslands and plenty of swamps. A walk through the glorious scenery in the park serves as a perfect getaway from the fast-paced city life.

Watch Animals in Their Natural Habitat

There are plenty of species in the Tarangire National Park, including game animals like elephants, buffaloes and antelopes and predators like lions, leopards and hyenas. If you’re lucky, you might witness a hunt in action. The Tarangire National Park is also known for its elephant herds that include up to 300 elephants. The sheer sight of these magnificent animals makes this one of the best places to visit in Tanzania.

Witness Various Species of Birds

There’s something for bird-watchers at the Tarangire National Park too. Here, you can find the yellow-necked spurfowl, Northern white-crowned shrike, black-necked weaver, white-faced whistling duck, red-billed hornbill, pygmy falcon, African marsh harrier, woodland kingfisher, black-headed heron, African hoopoe, yellow-billed stork, lilac-breasted roller, open-billed stork, ostrich, and superb starling, among other bird species.

Discover Some Ancient Rock Paintings

Do you know that some of the oldest rock paintings in the world are located in the continent of Africa? And Kolo in Tanzania holds the hunter-gatherer rock paintings of Kondoa, some of which are said to be more than 2000 years old. You can visit Kolo during your stay at the Tarangire National Park and explore these rock paintings, which depict many human and animal figures.

Interact with the Masai People

Tanzania is also home to the Masai people of Africa. Your visit to Tarangire National Park could be an enriching experience, wherein you get to interact with the locals, discover their culture, witness some traditional performances, and take home some souvenirs to remember them by.

Are you already packing your bags for a trip to one of the best places to visit in Tanzania? Witness wildlife, explore nature and experience culture like never before at the Tarangire National Park. The months between June and October are the ideal seasons to be here. So you can plan your holiday in advance and reach out to Bushman Safari for the best deals on your trip to Africa. Our customized tour packages will ensure you make the most of your time here.

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