Why Should You Visit the Mountains of the Moon?

Why Should You Visit the Mountains of the Moon?

Visit the Mountains

Why Should You Visit the Mountains of the Moon?

Rwenzori is a paradise for mountain lovers. It is located between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After climbing a range of snow-capped mountains, you would reach the third highest peak of Africa, Margherita mountain. It is going to be a captivating experience as you will get to see some of the finest species of birds and vegetation. In addition, the breathtaking scenery will touch your heart. If you like adventure, challenges, and thrills, then pack your bags and get ready to climb Rwenzori mountain. It is going to be a life-changing experience. To elevate your excitement, this page is going to tell you why you should visit the mountain of the moon.

Take Delight in Flora and Fauna

The mountains of the moon are the home of diverse species of plants and animals. As you advance towards the mountain, you will come across rich vegetation. You would see a land filled with different colours and the soft voices of birds. The amazing fact is that as you ascend the mountain, the animals, plants, vegetation, and wildlife will keep changing. You will get to view outstanding landscapes that you would want to capture.

Experience a Full-Fledged Trekking

If you are a trekking enthusiast, then put on your hiking boots because this trekking is going to be the most challenging one. The slippery glaciers, foggy atmosphere, uneven lands, and rocky areas will give you an experience of full-fledged trekking. You will be passing through montane forest, bamboo, moorlands, and many wonderlands. And don’t worry, this is going to be an 8-11 day trek so, you will have many exciting halts. You would be staying in the simple mountain huts that would be a surreal experience. From

View Exotic Species of Birds

It is delightful to watch these small colourful creatures, and exotic species flying amidst the mountains. As difficult as the trek would be, that much delightful the view would be. The mountains are the home of 217 bird species and 17 species endemic to the park. So keep your eyes open and look out for a Rwenzori turaco, a gem of a bird with red wings, cinnamon-chested bee-eater, sunbirds, and many more.

Go for a Gorilla Trekking

If you love observing primates, then you can specifically choose gorilla trekking. You can find out some amazing facts about these humongous primates from your guides. In addition, you will closely get to see their lifestyle and understand their behaviour, and it is going to be an amazing experience.

A climb to a Rwenzori mountain is going to be one hell of an experience. The temporary journey in these mountains is going to change you permanently. If you wish to book your tickets to Africa, then contact Bushman Safari. They will make your trip unforgettable.

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