What’s Amazing Margherita Peak?

What’s Amazing Margherita Peak?

Margherita Peak

What’s Amazing Margherita Peak?

Margherita is a thrill and chill package for all mountain lovers. A blend of challenges and breathtaking sights. While climbing this tough mountain, you will be tired and exhausted at times, but the moment you stop, look around the scenery, feel the serene breeze, you will be energized. The journey towards the peak is going to be full of mysteries, colours, wildlife, and things you can’t even imagine. This snow-capped mountain is calling you, and you must go. Keep reading to discover interesting facts about Margherita mountain.

Exquisite Lakes and Valleys

You will come across widespread lakes and valleys. You will be absolutely amazed to see how the lake is mirroring its surroundings and the sky. It is the most exquisite view to enjoy after a tough climb. In addition, you will be seeing colourful valleys and exciting waterfalls. Sitting for a while in the water, looking closely at the waterfall, is going to be a spiritual experience. Walking amidst nature is going to be calming and exciting at the same time.

Exciting Wildlife

While climbing towards the Margherita mountain, you will get to see gorillas, chimpanzees, three-horned chameleons, and primates like blue, white colobus, and black. In addition, elephants, hippos, and many more. This exciting wildlife is going to be an adventurous and learning experience. Learning about their surviving skills, lifestyle, communication and observing them closely is going to be a life-changing experience. You can ask your guide and gain as much insight as you can.

Exotic Bird Species

Climbing towards the Margherita mountain is going to be super exciting as you will get to see an astounding number of bird species. The interesting fact is, the mountains of the moon are home to 217 bird species. You will find them flying through the montane forest zone, and some choose to build their nest. You will come across a red wing, jewel-coloured Rwenzori turaco, Robins, Barrets, bluebirds, and many more. In fact, as you ascend the mountain, you will come across more different species of birds, landscapes, wildlife, and vegetation.

Mountain Huts

Margherita mountain climbing is going to be an 8-11 day climb. Therefore, you will have to stay in huts or campsites. Here you will get to rest, share, and speak to other climbers and get to know about their experiences. Living in a simple hut or campsite can be thrilling and adventurous.

The snow-capped Margherita peak has many beauties hidden in it for you to discover. So pack your bags and get ready to climb Margherita mountain. Book your dates and plan the trip only with Bushman Safari. They will make this trip memorable for you.

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