6 Exciting Water Sports You Must Try in Zanzibar

6 Exciting Water Sports You Must Try in Zanzibar

Water Sports

6 Exciting Water Sports You Must Try in Zanzibar

If you are someone who loves thrilling adventures, then you must visit Zanzibar and experience exciting water sports activities. There are various activities that people of all ages can enjoy here. You can go on boat rides, swims, canoes, rafts, kayaks, sailboats and a lot more along with your travel companions. Here are some water sports activities you should try in Zanzibar.


Sailing is a leisure activity involving a boat with sails that employs the craft to move forward. The tropical climate of Zanzibar makes it a perfect location for sailing. While in the waters, you will enjoy the pleasant breeze and beautiful views of the island.


Parasailing, also called paraskiing, parakiting and parascending, is a recreational activity where a person is attached to a parasail wing, which is further connected to a vehicle like a boat. When the vehicle takes off, the person with the parasail flies. In Zanzibar, adventurers will fly 300 meters up in the air and witness the beautiful views of the coral reefs and sandy beaches of Kendwa and Nungwi.

Water Skiing

Water skiing is a surface water sport where the participant glides on the surface of a water body on skis, being pulled by a cable attached to a boat. The waters around Zanzibar island are calm and relaxed throughout the year, making it the ideal location for this water sport.

Jet Skiing

Jet skis or water scooters are watercraft that you ride for thrilling recreational activities. It utilizes an inboard engine driving a pump jet that allows drivers to enjoy a riveting water ride. Drive the jet ski and explore the various sites of the beautiful island.


Snorkelling is a swimming activity that requires a snorkel, swim fins and sometimes, a wetsuit, depending on the water body. The recreational activity allows you to witness the gorgeous underwater views and the fascinating creatures that live there. Snorkelling in Zanzibar is a must-do water sport, as one will be in awe of the sites and views of the ocean.

Swimming with Dolphins

Fulfill your wish to swim alongside dolphins in Zanzibar. You can visit Mnemba island or the Kizimkazi beach to enjoy this experience. The best time for this activity is from June to October and January to March. Some of the common species of dolphins you will come across are spinner dolphins, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and Rizzo’s dolphins.

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