What Is the African Deluxe Safari?

What Is the African Deluxe Safari?

African Deluxe Safari

What Is the African Deluxe Safari?

If you want to experience adventure, nature, wildlife, water sports and tranquillity all at once, pack your bags and head to Africa. This continent will give you a wholesome experience and memories that will never fade away. Whether you are a beach person or a mountain person, Africa has something to offer everyone. However, a lot depends on what kind of safari you choose. For instance, the African deluxe safari covers all the prominent places and exciting activities. Taking up this kind of safari will make your trip look something like this:

Pickup from the Airport

The moment you step into Africa, you will become Bushman Safari’s responsibility. With a deluxe safari, our guide will come to pick you up at the airport and drop you to your accommodation. They will be available for you at all times, just at one call.

Visit to Murchison Falls National Park

Your safari will begin with Murchison Falls National Park, where you can explore the beauty of nature. The game drives in Murchison are exciting and have some of the best scenic views that you cannot resist capturing. Before stepping into the paradise of Murchison, you will be taken to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, where you can view endangered rhinos and also various bird species. Your day will end with an amazing dinner.

Morning Game Drive

You might not be a morning person, but you do not want to miss out on Africa’s morning drives. Driving amidst the wild while witnessing the sunrise and reflecting on the scenic landscape is worth the view. Additionally, you will see many wild animals since this is their prime time to be active. You will get to take some breathtaking pictures of the scenic sunrise, wildlife and experiences for life.

Afternoon Boat Cruise

After a tiring yet fantastic morning game drive, you can take delight in a boat cruise. You will get to view rhinos and crocodiles closely along with exquisite nature all around. You will be amazed by the topography of Murchison Falls. Additionally, you can add water sports to your itinerary if you are seeking a sense of adventure.

Hikes to the Top of the Falls

After a relaxing sail, you will have to hike up to the peak of the Murchison Waterfalls. This climb will be pleasing to your eyes and soul, for it has soul-stirring scenic beauty. Watching the Nile River with the setting sun from the top is truly an out-of-the-world experience. Murchison Park will be a mix of nature and adventure.

Visit to Kibale Forest National Park

The journey is more important than the destination, they say. As we head towards Kibale Park, you will get to capture some wonderful views. There will be a halt at porter land for lunch, which is situated amidst the Mountains of the Moon—then you will head towards the dense Kibale Forest to explore the wildlife.

Wait, there is more! An African deluxe safari is an 11-day of bliss, adventure and a promising trip. Everything will be organized for you, from transport to viewing spots and the drop back to your hotel. Deluxe safari promises convenience and satisfaction, so book your slot now with Bushman Safari. We have interesting itineraries and also customize them for a wholesome experience.

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