Why You Must Try Gorilla Trekking

Why You Must Try Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking

Why You Must Try Gorilla Trekking

Spending time with gorillas will make you realize that there are several similarities between them and humans. You will find these gigantic mammals only in the wild and getting a chance to observe them closely is an experience you don’t want to miss out on. Africa’s national parks are known for their gorilla trekking seasons. Each year, these parks have tourists from across the globe who wish to go gorilla trekking. Encountering these gorillas face-to-face will be a scary yet exciting moment for you. Read on to know why you must try gorilla trekking:

Experience Forest Life

Gorillas live in wild forests and if you wish to see them, you have to hike amidst the dense forest. When you hike in the woods, you have to carry minimal items, remember the pathways, share tents with strangers, and be cautious at all times, as these tips will help you survive in the wild. With this, you also learn about wildflowers and other types of flora, the knowledge of which is essential for your safety. Experiencing the raw and natural forest life can be life-changing for you.

Observe Gorillas in Their Natural Habitat

Do you think you are the one observing these gentle creatures? Male gorillas are watchful, protective and cautious. They might not react but they watch your every step and action. You will observe how the family is always together, with the male gorilla leading them, while the maternal females gather in grooming groups with young gorillas wrestling and playing around them. In the time you spend with them, you will realize how human-like these animals are and how easily you connect with them.

Develop a Connection with Nature

City life can disconnect you from nature, leaving you anxious and restless. Gorilla trekking can rejuvenate you as you will walk amidst the dense forest, listen to the chirping of birds, observe wildflowers and closely check out the gorillas’ natural habitat. Observing the gorillas play, hunt, and communicate without any outside world interference imparts a wholesome experience and helps you develop an intimate connection with nature.

Learn About Animal Communication

Learning about gorilla communication techniques is one of the most exciting things about these treks. Your guide will explain what their call means and how they communicate with each other. For instance, when they roar and beat their chest, they indicate anger and challenge their rivals. Likewise, they have 16 calls, indicating caution, fear, group coordination and others.

Gorilla trekking is where learning and enjoyment can happen simultaneously. You will get all the minute details of gorillas from your guide. Additionally, spending time with strangers in the wild will be the most memorable experience. So what are you waiting for? Contact Bushman Safari. We offer various gorilla trekking activities and provide experienced guides so that you don’t have to worry about missing out on any spots.

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