What To Expect On A Gorilla Safari

What To Expect On A Gorilla Safari

What To Expect On A Gorilla Safari

Plan a gorilla safari tour in Uganda and see for yourself if all the facts about mountain gorillas you have been reading on the internet are true or not.

Uganda is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations with a wide range of adventurous attractions distributed in its national parks. Kibale Forest, Semliki, Murchison Falls National Park, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are some of the prominent destinations in Uganda, but tourists like to visit Bwindi impenetrable forests most frequently because of its critically endangered primate species- the Mountain Gorillas. Most tourists visit Uganda to explore its wildlife, but Uganda safaris are on everybody’s bucket list. This safari tour is the most sought for because it gives an incredible view of Mountain gorillas and an outstanding trekking experience that is worth every penny.

While there are many things to enjoy on an African tour, but on a gorilla safari in Uganda, there’re endless enthrallments to expect. The experience is personal for everyone; however, in this post, you can have an idea on how to make most of it.

Dress And Pack Right

Dressing jungle-appropriate on Uganda safaris is the key to a successful, worth enjoying gorilla trekking experience. Pack some nice light hiking boots for easy strolling in slippery muddy grounds, gardening gloves to grab the bushes and woods for support, and the rain gears for delightfully unpredictable forest weather. Don’t forget long socks, long-sleeved shirts, and sweaters. Insect repellents, waterproof bags, hats, and sunglasses, are must-haves. A traveller with the right gear is assured of a memorable gorilla trekking experience.

Hike Porters For Help

Porters and hiking sticks are not obligatory but are among the key factors for a pleasurable and exciting trek. Porters help in carrying your travel baggage and providing physical support where needed during the hike. These porters are the locals from communities, and the money earned is used to improve the living standards of the local communities.

Dare To Forget Your Gorilla Permit

All travellers must carry their valid gorilla permits and other related documents to get a pass to see gorillas in Uganda. Every traveler without a permit will be denied a chance of gorilla trekking in Uganda. In Uganda, the permit has the name of the sector (Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, or Nkuringo) to clarify that they booked a gorilla family in that particular sector.

Attend The Trekking Brief

On the actual trekking day, tourists must leave their hotels/lodges at 06:30 and attend the brief at the respective park headquarters. The brief is aimed at guiding trekkers about the trekking trails, gorilla families, and gorilla safari rules and regulations to ensure the safety of both the tourists and gorillas.

The Jungle Hike

While the safari experience into the wild looks thrilling, it has its due share of challenges and discomforts (but you see, that’s the beauty of it). Immediately after the briefing, the actual hike will begin. Every group will move forward with an armed ranger and a park guide in search of the gorilla family allocated in the respective area. You will also encounter other wildlife species too, like monkeys, baboons, birds, and others, which will make the experience much more memorable.

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Customize Your Tour

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