What to Pack For Your Holiday to Uganda

What to Pack For Your Holiday to Uganda

Uganda Holiday

What to Pack For Your Holiday to Uganda

You might spend hours on the internet or ask several family members and friends for advice as to what to pack for your vacation to Uganda. Some would say you can wear this, while others would say you can’t wear that. Maybe inquiring from so many different sources has left you even more confused than you were before. Worry not, we have brought you a simple guide that will help you pack for your trip to Uganda and also suggest the right outfits depending on the activities.

Outfits for Men

We suggest men wear simple, loose and comfortable clothes that are suitable for the tropical climate. Additionally, you can pack clothes like jeans, slacks, polos and shirts.

Outfits for Women

Western clothing is quite popular in major cities. Feel free to wear casual clothes like t-shirts and jeans. However, if you visit rural areas, it’s recommended to wear looser clothes with long sleeves, and that reach below the knee. We suggest you also pack some dresses and skirts too. If you are planning to participate in adventurous activities like safaris, hiking and trekking, you can wear athletic clothes.

Outfits for Hikes, Treks and Nature Walks

There are several locations in Uganda where you can go hiking, such as mountains and waterfalls, or go on gorilla and chimp treks. It is recommended to wear long sleeves and long pants that cover most of your body to protect you from the sun, bugs and branches. Ensure the fabric that you wear is comfortable and breathable in nature. You should also carry jackets and cardigans as an extra layer to protect from the unpredictable weather. Also, remember to carry a hat and waterproof hiking boots.

Outfits for Safari and Game Drives

Uganda is engulfed with several national parks and game reserves like Murchison Falls and the Rwenzori Mountains, where you can enjoy adventurous wildlife safaris. It is advised to avoid wearing black that absorbs heat, as well as white, which will display dust and dirt. Furthermore, blue-coloured clothes attract flies, so it is best to avoid that too.

Outfits for Rafting

If you are looking for adventure in Uganda, you must visit the River Nile to experience whitewater rafting. As you will definitely get wet on the raft, it is advised to wear clothes that are suited for water sports activities, like quick-dry activewear and waterproof shoes.

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