Here is What You Can Do at Mikumi National Park

Here is What You Can Do at Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park

Here is What You Can Do at Mikumi National Park

The Mikumi National Park has become a popular wildlife safari destination that offers special fun activities. Established in the year 1964, it is the fourth largest national park in Tanzania. Located near Morogoro, the park comprises an area of about 1,250 square miles. Here are all the activities you can partake in at the Mikumi National Park.

Game Drives

Game drives are when tourists ride off-road vehicles in national parks to view and experience wildlife in their natural habitat from a safe space. The Mikumi National park offers a game drive experience in a 4WD safari vehicle with a professional driver-guide. You can book your safari tour early in the morning or in the afternoon. Some animals you will encounter during your game drive in the park are hippos, giraffes, elephants, zebras and lions.

Night Game Drives

The Tanzanian Mikumi National Park is one of the few places to offer night game drives, which start at eight after dinner. The night tour is done with spotlight torches and armed guards to secure you from any dangers. During your night drive, you will view the beautiful night sky with stars, a rare occurrence for city folks. You will also have the opportunity to witness lions, leopards and hyenas in action.


There are over 500 bird species in Mikumi Park. Though bird-watching is available throughout the year, the best time would be from November to April. Some notable bird species are the black-bellied bustard, cattle egret, long-tailed fiscal, marabou stork and saddle-billed stork. The Hippo Pool, Mwanambogo Dam and Mkata River are ideal places to spot aquatic birds like the African fish eagle and African spoonbill.


Mikumi National Park has two camping grounds which offer public and private camping, respectively. The public campsite is located at Nkta Plains, and the private campsite is located at the Vuma Hills. The best time to go camping would be during the dry seasons, from June to November. However, camping facilities are available all year round.

Walking Safaris

The national park offers a walking safari, where visitors can explore the park on foot, along with an armed park ranger. There are long and short walking trails passing through Miombo woodland, Kikoboga and Vuma. While on the nature walk, you will view several tree and plant species and various local and migratory birds. You might even come across some animals on your trail.

Cultural Tours

This activity consists of touring neighbourhood villages and interacting with the local people. During your cultural tour, you will learn about the local culture, traditions, lifestyle and cuisines. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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