Why It’s The Best Time To Opt For Uganda Safaris

Why It’s The Best Time To Opt For Uganda Safaris

opt for Uganda Safaris

Why It’s The Best Time To Opt For Uganda Safaris

There is no best time to travel than when your soul craves wanderlust. Though if we specifically talk about African Safaris, this is absolutely the best time of the year to get close with nature and feed your mind and heart with fresh air while being pampered by the hundreds of rarest flora and fauna species of the ‘Pearl of Africa.’

4 Reasons WHY You Should Choose Gorilla Tours in Uganda, NOW!

Not sure if this is the right time to fasten your seatbelts and fly to a destination that’s a visual treat to your heart and eyes? Here’s to everyone who is all set to quench their travel thirst this summer and fall!

1. Weather Conditions

Though Uganda has a pleasant atmosphere most times of the year, you’ll have an elite feeling if you attend Uganda’s Gorilla trekking sessions during the driest months of the year. That’s pure because you can expect to meet hundreds of troops of these chimpanzees and other mammals as it’s not their breeding season. Plus, they are active during the months of December to February and then July to October, and so, that’s the best time to witness how organized they are. These chimpanzees and gorillas are said to be the best of parents who create strict timetables for resting, sleeping, eating, and playing. Plus, there are separate hours of the day when you’ll see these baby gorillas learning the use of different tools to cross streams and rescue other creatures from huge trees.

2. Lockdowns Have Eased

During the pandemic era, nature got a really cool relaxing time to chill and nurture itself and its biodiversity. You may expect grasses greener than ever, animals calmer than ever, and the overall environment more serene, earthly, and welcoming than it would be during peak seasons of the Uganda Safaris. Though different counties have smart lockdowns, you’ll still not find a lot of crowd or rush, as you would find in the touring months. Not to mention, the hype of these gorilla trekking sessions has really increased over time as most celebrated American stars kept visiting Uganda in the last decade for promotional and humanitarian campaigns.

3. Safety and Security

Less crowd means higher availability of facilities like food and accommodation. As compared to other seasons when even outdoor camps and luxury resorts are overcrowded, you can find hotel rooms, more tour guides, and better and safer options to travel and trek the changing trails of Uganda safaris. It’s the most suitable time for families to visit Uganda because even the kids can enjoy it in limited hours. Plus, authorities of tourist spots like Gorilla trekking are still taking strict measures to prevent and control the spread of diseases. You can expect the overall quality of their service to be above par this season!

4. Not too expensive

With the global economic devastation brought about by the pandemic, you can expect to find cheap tickets, affordable food, and accommodation, at least when the exchange rates of different currencies are fluctuating. So, a Gorilla Trekking in Uganda at this time of the year would cost much lower and lesser than it would during the peak seasons. You can choose to eat traditional foods in Uganda, including their special seafood, grains, pulses, and buffalo meat, or stay full with Italian and continental foods. Guides will generally have more time to discuss stuff with you because of a lesser rush. Most importantly, you shall be able to get a good bargain on your trekking permit. As for now, you may even get your hands on these affordable licenses and use the money elsewhere; maybe buy some handmade jewelry and beautiful pottery!

According to travel experts and medical practitioners, domestic and international tours to relatively low-crowded spots is SAFE! There is very minimal risk of you even catching a normal cold or flu if you take necessary cleanliness measures. On top of everything, you may enjoy the whole trip for half of its original price. And with this, what else could one want in a world where there is no free lunch? Pun intended. So, are your backpacks ready? What date is your flight?

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