While tours can be the greatest source of joy, many people believe that there are other meaningful purposes behind traveling to a specific destination. Some of the tourists only love witnessing the natural beauty, and explore the fauna and flora of new places, while others research, meditate, have sentimental attachments and look for opportunities to conserve the natural environment in any way that suits them the best.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has recently received a storm of hype. Research suggests more than hundred reasons why tourists prefer enjoying the company of wildlife in this exquisite safari of the world. This national park is located in the southwestern wing of one of the most tourist-friendly nations Uganda. It occupies a considerable area in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. As the name suggests, one may expect to witness the species of a good number of diverse wildlife. Plus, it’s not only fit for recreational purposes but also serves a safe, secure, field trip site. A great fact which proves the aforementioned is that this Impenetrable forest and specifically the National Park comes under the list of United Nation’s World Heritage site. No doubt the place offers a wide range of spectacular and scenic views. Tourists however, have reported these top 3 reasons why you, I and everyone else should experience the breathtaking views of Bwindi, at least once in a lifetime.


According to science, half of the world’s gorilla population is inhabited in Uganda. Over 900 species of monkeys, chimpanzees, apes and gorillas can be watched jumping from one tree to other. They are welcoming creatures and trained to accompany human beings on their visit to any national park in Uganda. Also, rare species of certain endangered mammals like lion, zebra, giraffes and elephants can be seen happily cherishing in the natural habitats. The area is rich biologically and has thick, dense, green forestry all around. People who value community enrichment can also contribute to the reforms currently taken against habitat destruction.

Challenging Terrain

Bwindi has vast mountainous areas specifically for gorilla trekking. The typography and natural landscapes are perfect for seasonal events and trekking competitions. These festivals are held to honor the world’s best trekkers. Professional porters are available 24*7 to support the new and experienced tourists in their trekking and challenging terrain. It is indeed an amazing experience to trek in Africa’s most affordable safari.

Affordable Trekking permits

Not only the whole, 10-day holiday tour in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and National park affordable, it is also highly recommended by internal tourism experts. The reason behind tourist’s confidence is the safety and security and welcoming nature of the native population over there. It is mandatory to acquire a trekking permit, which is issued only to people of ages above 15 years. Certain service providers can be of great help and have an offer as part of their package. The permit is valid for one trekking experience and issued only by the Local Governmental authorities. No doubt Uganda’s trekking permits are more economical than anywhere else in the world.

The wonders of visiting this beautiful part of the world do not end here. The national food, wooden resorts, water streams, the flora, the peace in the air are all the other appealing reasons that may easily convince any tourist soul to lift their bag packs and set off!