Are You Ready to Climb Margherita Peak

Are You Ready to Climb Margherita Peak

Climb Margherita Peak

Are You Ready to Climb Margherita Peak

Margherita is the third highest mountain in Africa, encompassed with snow, it is tough to reach its summit. But, it is a paradise for mountain climbers as its difficult climb will lead to a serene and spectacular view. Climbing a mountain is one hell of an experience that you must take once in your life. If you wish to have an enthralling experience and view the most breathtaking scenery, then you must give it a try. You can hire professional mountain climbers to guide you through to make the process easier and safer. Read on to know if you are ready to climb Margherita Peak.

The Beginning

While climbing the Margherita mountain you will come across steep slopes, outcrops, slippery slopes, and less oxygen, which is why you will need excellent fitness. You might have to indulge in rigorous and aggressive exercise for 6 to 8 months, depending on your body. You need to note the Margherita peak is divided into two altitudes: High altitude and low altitude. You will be spending 3-4 days at low altitude to cover some 3,100 distances and 5-12 days at high altitude to reach the peak of 4,600. This means you will possibly require 7-10 days to climb this mountain. Plus, the weather won’t always be in your favour, so you have to be ready to face that. Therefore, you need to start working on your body and definitely do solid research about the place.

Things to Carry

It is not going to be an easy climb, and it will take several days to reach up there. Therefore, here is the list of essentials that you will need to make your journey easier:

Ice aceSynthetic top and bottomNuts
Hiking bootsFleece jacketDried fruit
Sleeping bagTrekking pantsPower bars and drinks
Trekking polesGore-tex jacket with hoodEnergy gels
CramponsWool socksNalgeine water bottles
GlovesGU gels

Take Insurance

You are not going to climb the mountain empty-handed, you will require essentials and more. Plus, the lofty slopes, weather conditions, etc; can lead to injuries or maybe illness, which is why having travel insurance is a safe investment. Before purchasing the travel insurance, do not forget to check the coverage they offer. Ideally, it should cover:

  • Unexpected illness
  • Injury before or when travelling
  • Baggage loss
  • Trip cancellation
  • Medical expenses

What to Expect

  • An experience of living in mountain huts
  • Exotic birds
  • Blue monkey
  • Chimpanzees
  • Distinct species of flora and fauna
  • Abundance vegetation
  • Three horned chameleon

You will come across never before seen flora and fauna, wildlife, birdlife, but before that, you have to prepare yourself to climb such a challenging mountain. If you are planning to do so, connect with us. We will assist you and make your climb safer, and guide you through the entire journey.

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