Why Our Wildlife And Wanderlust Safari is an Ideal Getaway Option?

Why Our Wildlife And Wanderlust Safari is an Ideal Getaway Option?

Wildlife And Wanderlust Safari

Why Our Wildlife And Wanderlust Safari is an Ideal Getaway Option?

The name itself suggests what one can expect from this tour package. Wildlife and Wanderlust Safari is a structured tour for those who have a strong desire to travel and wish to experience their adrenaline rush by witnessing a wide variety of wildlife. It is a nine-day-and-eight-night package covering almost everything you may want to explore in Uganda. As to why this safari is an ideal getaway option, that is stated below.

Rhino Tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is one of the only places where you can experience the rhino species. These species that were once going extinct in Uganda are now in plenty at this sanctuary. This place has undertaken the Ugandan Rhino re-introduction project to save these endangered species. We aim to provide you with the experience of watching these magnificent creatures at a close distance through this tracking.

Game Drive And Boat Cruises

The second day of your package is prepared to cover the morning hours for an adventurous game drive, while the afternoon is booked for a relaxing boat cruise. The game drive will cover sightings of the giraffes, lions, elephants, hippos, etc. The sightings also continue from the boat cruise as one can come across various hippos, buffaloes and birds on the shores of the Nile. We also cover a hike to the top of the mighty Murchison waterfalls.

Etanda Cultural Experience

The Wildlife and Wanderlust Safari also includes a visit to the village Kijjude. You will spend the day learning about the authentic customs and history of the Baganda people. You can indulge in a variety of local delicacies and African cuisine. You can also opt for some everyday activities here such as hunting, weaving baskets, etc. Our package structures this day to be a learning experience for the tourist about the depth of African culture.

Sighting of Tree-Climbing Lions of Ishasha

While we take our tourists for another round of game drives and boat cruises on the Kazinga Channel, the next day of the Wildlife and Wanderlust Safari is covered for a journey to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. We take you for a venturesome drive through Ishasha for sightings of the tree-climbing lions.

Gorilla Tracking

Bushman Safari is known for its Gorilla Tracking. We also have specific Gorilla Tour Packages for our primate lovers. On the second last day of your safari, we take you across a gorilla tracking experience where we encounter these delightful and fascinating creatures. We also set out for another adventure with the Pygmies of Ituri Forest called the Batwa people.

The detailed information about how we will cover each day will be stated in your travel itinerary. It will also include information about the various inclusions and exclusions of the Wildlife And Wanderlust Safari package. For further assistance, you can get in touch with us. We ensure you have a commendable experience right from the time you begin this journey with us.

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