How to Pick the Best Country for Gorilla Trekking

How to Pick the Best Country for Gorilla Trekking

How to Pick the Best Country for Gorilla Trekking

Cuddling these gorillas sitting right in their natural habitats is no less than a bounty. It has been a life-changing experience for many tourists and random travellers who plan to spend their holidays close to nature. People say that it’s the best way to efface your mind from the noise of the city and sometimes to get better insights and direction for life. Picking the best spot in the wide world for this thrilling adventure, trekking side by side with the gorillas and golden monkeys can be exceedingly onerous.
Here are our top five tips that have helped thousands of people decide which gorilla trekking destination suits them best.

Seasons for Gorilla Trekking

Tourism experts comment that the best time periods of the year for gorilla trekking are between December and February and between May and September. So, whether one is a regular tourist, researcher or anybody who wants to seek the pleasure of gorilla trekking to its fullest, should look for a destination that offers services during these months of the year. Uganda has the highly recommended tourist attractions which offer gorilla trekking, along with cruises and visits to the cultural bazaars during the aforementioned holiday seasons.


While such a tour can be the most adventurous experience of one’s life, it can also go heavy on the tourist’s pocket. It is then the best measure to decide the cost-effectiveness of the travel and then make any plans further. This cost should be weighed, compared and contrasted against a number of factors, such as resorts, hotel charges, meals, tents, equipment required for trekking, medical service, expert advice and acquisition of a trekking permit.

Safety and security

YES! Safety and security are one of the most important issues concerning gorilla trekking. One should choose a spot where gorillas are trained and have a history of welcoming tourists for years and years. Plus, one needs to choose a service which guarantees all the necessary technical equipment and first-aid through experienced personnel.

Third-party Reviews

Public opinion counts a lot when it comes to touring decisions. Therefore, reviews and recommendations of other tourists are integral assistance while one decides on picking the spot. Before believing the authenticity of these reviews, one should consider the historical and cultural background of the destination and the overall travel experience of people who have already travelled there in the past.

Packages and Facilities

Most popular service providers have one common feature: they offer packages, discount deals and other complementary facilities. One such example is Bushman Safaris, which not only runs discount deals and subsidized tour campaigns throughout the year but also offers opportunities to visit that particular location’s famous historical and cultural sites as well. Murchison Falls and National Park are one of the wondrous, adjoint areas that one would never want to miss while visiting this exotic part of the world. Getting a chance to close your eyes, and feel the love of the wildlife around one of the world’s most friendly creatures indeed is a privilege.

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