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Margherita Peak

What’s Amazing Margherita Peak?

Margherita is a thrill and chill package for all mountain lovers. A blend of challenges and breathtaking sights. While climbing this tough mountain, you will

Climb Margherita Peak

Are You Ready to Climb Margherita Peak

Margherita is the third highest mountain in Africa, encompassed with snow, it is tough to reach its summit. But, it is a paradise for mountain


5 Places You Can’t Miss at Kampala

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda on the African continent. Landlocked by five countries and located on the bank of Lake Victoria, the country

5 Myths about Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

If you’re looking for an ultimate and memorable experience of a lifetime, then gorilla trekking in Uganda takes the cake. An African safari in itself

being one with nature

Impacts of Being One with Nature

Research states that our surroundings are detrimental to our stress levels. Stress is something that affects everything we do in our lives as well as